Welcome to Nial Construction, Inc., your source for quality foundation repairs and general contractor services. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and a skilled and the right equipment, Nial Construction, Inc.is able to do everything from the house jacking to the completion of the project, no matter how complex or difficult. From foundation repair, where we do the house jacking, we have a vast amount of experience and have been serving the Newport area for quite some time now.


We specialize in a wide variety of foundation repairs, and quality is always the name of the game. Our staff members are highly professional, efficient and dedicated to providing the best possible customer service experience for each and every single one of our clients. Don't take any chances when it comes to house jacking and the repairs of your foundation. When it comes to finding the right general contractor; get a contractor that knows what they are doing. If you are around Newport, New Hampshire, call Nial Construction, Inc.

Here at Nial Construction, Inc. we pride ourselves offering top class foundation repair services, but we offer them for a price that is right for you. Precision, consistency, affordability and quality service; that is what Nial Construction, Inc. is all about. We give you the best of all worlds so that you don't have to go through that whole hassle of finding out which general contractor is best for you. Nial Construction, Inc. is foundation repairs done the right way. From house jacking to top-notch foundation repair, you can be sure that your home is in good hands with Nial Construction, Inc.

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